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Fashion on Wheels

"The modeling industry is becoming more diverse as agencies, photographers and casting directors are seeing an increasing number of disabled models who are making history and breaking barriers like Jamel Burrell.  

We at the Photo Studio are all about promoting and inspiring diversity within the modeling industry."


Very rarely do you associate fashion with someone in a wheelchair. Why do you think that is? Take a look around at our department stores billboards. Or think about Fashion Week in New York?  I've paid close attention to the modeling and fashion industry and what I've noticed is a particular group of people who are not likely to be visible on the fashion scene.


To see someone in a wheelchair modeling for the purpose of promoting something other than a wheelchair is like seeing an endangered species. You're lucky to see just one. What is it about the fashion industry that keeps people in wheelchairs off of the runway? Is it because they don't think we'll fit the clothes right? Perhaps our bodies won't look good in the fabric? Of course not.

I've seen images of models riding bicycles for clothing stores like Abercrombie & Fitch / The Gap / Macys /and H&M. What's the difference when it comes to a wheelchair? It's just a person on wheels rolling down a ramp right?

The fashion industry has routinely avoided associating Beauty, Style or Charisma with someone in a wheelchair. For no rhyme or reason it goes without saying that the fashion industry and the runway is no place for someone like me. I beg to differ.

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